Digging in the pockets

So good I paid full price!

1. Sven Atterton – Hot Sun

The Cove | Omega Supreme Records | 2015

Lovely little number from the slap-bass master hailing from Essex. Check out the LP… solid.

2. Sasac – Boot Man

Hyperion | Omega Supreme Records | 2014

More 80’s funk business from the incredible Sasac. This EP is top-notch, as is his other output on the mighty OMR label.

3. Gutter Snypes – Watcha Mind Say

Whatcha Mind Say / Ego Trip ‎(7″) | Super Disco Edits | 2015

Splendid little 7″ still available for a fiver. Both tracks are great. Get it.

4. Jazz Spastiks & Rebels to the grain – Tightly Sealed

Unkut Fresh | Dusty Platter | 2015

The most un-pc name in Hip Hop? Possibly… again, this whole LP is quality… do yourself a favour and get one.

Digging in the crates

Rediscovering some gems

5. DJ Food – Full Bleed

Kaleidoscope | Ninja Tune | 2000

DJ Shadow-esque indeed (this track anyway), but the whole LP is recommended. Incidentally the cover was shot in an illuminarium which I had the pleasure of experiencing a couple of years ago. If you’ve got kids you should check it. Then buy this LP.

6. Sarah Winton – Tell Me How

You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down | Direct Effect | 1993

First heard by my own ears on Mr. Scruff’s ‘Keep it Solid Steel’ mix CD, then bought by my own money. A nice LP throughout. Short, sweet and a little jazzy.

7. The Herbaliser – Mission Improbable (featuring What What)

Very Mercenary | Ninja Tune | 1999

Very strong LP. A bit fruity in parts, but I like that.

8. Break Reform – When it Came

Fractures | Abstract Blue | 2002

I love these guys. Very chilled out vibes and lovely vocals. I used four ‘v’s there.

Digging through the dross

Charity shops, Car boots and Record fair bargains

9. Bob James – Night Crawler

Heads | Columbia | 1977

The man with two first names gets busy on a track sounding quite a bit like ‘Farandole’. Top tickling. £2.

10. Jr Tucker – I was made for dancing

Jr Tucker | Geffen | 1983

You can see how wet this was when I bought it. It still bloody stinks. £1.

11. Laurie Holloway – Starsky & Hutch (part 2)

TV Themes | Weekend Records | 1978

The lesser-covered second version of the S&H theme gets a great going over here. Apart from ‘The Proffesionals’ the rest of this LP is crap, but worth £1 of anyones money.

Digging through the net

mp3 selection

12. Dopegems – Condor Redux

Necksnappin’ | Heavenly Sweetness | 2014

Solid, solid LP. Takes me back to the great Acid Jazz covers from the 90’s. And they’re French so fair play.

13. Flame Griller – The Journey

Grill Communication | 2015

Intelligent rhymes on well-crafted beats from West Yorkshire. Please show your support for these guys and join the kickstarter to get their gear on vinylat the time of writing they were 81% there. *update*  They reached their goal. Hurrah!