Looks like I picked to wrong week to stop digging

Digging 4 Victory 25 – September 2017 Part 1

After a break for the Summer we’re back for an extra long, two part show this month.

Dig in to Part 1 right now!

Dieter Reith & Tender Aggression – Beams
Richard Spaven – The Hidden Camera
Smoove – Main Sourced
ExP – Stick in the Mud
Will Sessions & Amp Fiddler – Lost Without You
Linx – The ice is melting
Al Sunny – Don’t Let nobody know
Morris Day – The Character
Jurassic 5 – A Day at the Races
Tom Misch – South Of The River (Official Audio)
Marvin Gaye – Funk Me
The S.O.S. Band – The Finest
DJ Supreme – Arctic II featuring IceT and The Icepick
Akasha System – Twin Optic
Deborah Jordan – Let Go
Odeon – Earth Polar Axis
Johnny Hammond / Caveman Shifting Gears / Introduction to a Caveman
Wendell Harrison – Farewell to the Welfare Pt 1
Henry Wu – The Anthem
Zackey Force Funk – Can’t Buy My Love L.A.
Duke Ellington – Black Beauty
TCM meet Dookie Squad – out of town
Dego & kaidi – Orbiting Uhura
Don Leisure – Tell Me
Numskullz – Who’s Back On the Scene
Tenderlonious + Dennis Ayler – Butterfly
DJ Yoda – Wheels
Alan Hawkshaw – West Coasters

Show 24 now up on Mixcloud and Download

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We open this month with a brand new intro theme courtesy of ExP who’s new solo LP is out next month. We play a track from it called Trivia, and that joins a whole host of new stuff from the likes of Resolution 88, Joao Selva, João Donato e Donatinho, Liz Aku, The Peter Franks Group, DJ Harrison, MZ Boom Bap, Jazz Spastiks, FredFades, Soulpersona & Princess Freesia, Rift Valley and Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft!

Some re-issues make a return from Def Defiance and Alec Mansion and Arian, while a few tracks that have been out for a while but not quite long enough to be in the dusty crates yet come from Tenderlonius, Enlightenment, Afro Elements, Silver Linigs and Soft Meets Pan Tam.

Speaking of the crates, we were in an 80s mood this month with corkers from Paul hardcastle, Shakatak, Pointer Sisters, Cameo, The Cool Notes, Maze and Schoolly D… with a couple of Library gems from Alan Hawkshaw and Francis Monkman thrown in and a classic from Outside as well.

Dig in!!!!!

Show 23 – May 2017 – Now up on mixcloud and YouTube

Another month, and another 2hrs worth of great tunes I’ve dug out for you… it still amazes me there’s so much nice stuff coming out! Plenty of new stuff from artists like Lonius, (Ex Brand New Heavy, Jan Kincaid’s new project) MF Robots, Kuartz, DJ Supreme & Icepick, DJ Format & Abdominal, Carl Hudson, Tom Misch, Alex Rocks & El De Sensei, Lovebirds & Galliano (Tall Black Guy Remix), Kelly Lee Owens, Emune & Juan Rios, Profusion, Mello Soul Black, Mac De Marco, Remi Rough and Gaussian Curve! There’s some stuff from recent reissues by Spinning Motion, Willy Santana and Teri Desario, while we dig into the crates for some gems from The Metric Brothers, Kraftwerk, The Creators, Grover Washington Jr, Stereo MCs and the New Jersey Kings… and then there’s a few from recent years by Soulpersona & Princess Freesia, Melanin 9 and The Afro Elements.
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Barry Beats

A few months ago a hilarious parody of Mass Appeal’s ‘Rhythmn Roulette’ appeared on YouTube featuring ‘Barry Beats’ (aka Si Spex) who puts many of the current participants of the beatmaking series to shame by creating a corking little ditty from mostly his copy of the ‘Hair’ OST with a few extra bits thrown in for good measure.

His ‘Ned Flanders’ persona (as one video commenter describes) perfectly plays down the ‘straight-forward process’ of making a beat from any record (chosen blind) from a second hand charity shop.

Close to nearly 150k views (at the time of writing), there was clearly a need for more videos by Barry, and our prayers were answered when just over a week ago a series of “Barry’s school of Beats” began to surface on the channel, closely followed by his Facebook Live Streams for #BarrysBootsaleChallenge which sees him building a beat completely unedited from a record haul at that morning’s car boot bargains.

In a world of LOTS of beatmaking videos, Barry’s are a great mixture of entertaining, informative and not taking themselves too seriously… but above all else, the beats are great!

Show 22: March/April 2017 now up on Mixcloud

I’ve had a month off so here’s a double naughty episode featuring the usual mix of new tunes, old tunes, second hand tunes and digital tunes. At least half the show is all new stuff and at least half of it is hip hop. I’m drinking red wine… I hope you don’t mind. Dig in! Oh and if you like the show please spread the word… if nothing more than to inflate my ego, cheers.

Show 21: Feb 2017 now up on Mixcloud

What have I bought on the internet now? Well there’s been some smashing new releases from Tornado Wallace, Funky DL, Soulpersona, John Cameron, Kaidi Tatham and Uncle Mic Nitro that definitely need checking out. Digging through the net also threw up some lovely stuff from Blue Gas, Sasac, Triple Double, Ntourage, Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life, Homeboy Sandman, Yusef Rumperfield and Audiophysical. I also had a run of cheap CD’s which gave me some corkers from Eric Serra, Portishead, Jill Scott, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys and Guru & MC Solar… I didn’t go through the crates this month as I already had far too much, so stick your headphones on and dig in!