Digging in the pockets

New(ish) releases with a birthday selection.

1. Michael Nesmith – Capsule (Hello People Of A Hundred Years From Now)

Too Slow to disco Volume 2 | How Do You Are? | 2015

Both of the ‘Too Slow to Disco’ compilations are worth picking up if you’re a fan of AOR / Yacht Rock which seems to be pretty big at the moment, and this funky little number from the Monkees member is a perfect example.

2. Tuxedo – Number One

Tuxedo | Stones Throw Records | 2015

Splendid 80’s boogie funk debut LP from the duo comprising of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One.

Digging in the crates

Rediscovering some gems. This month we look at tunes from imaginary soundtracks.

4. United Future Organization – The Planet Plan

3rd Perspective | Talkin’ Loud | 1996

The third full LP from Jap-Jazz trio U.F.O took on a more cinematic sound… worth checking the whole LP but this track in particular rips it!

5. Uriel – Rooftop Sniper

Under Compulsion | Beau Monde | 1997

I bought this purely on the look and track titles back in the days before the internet and the punt paid off! Strongly influenced by Lalo Schifrin (as are some of the other tracks), in particular his work on the Dirty Harry scores.

6. Corduroy – Follow that Arab

High Havoc | Acid Jazz | 1993

Most of Corduroy’s output has a strong cinematic influence, their first three LP’s are must-haves in my opinion with this (their second LP) being my favourite.

Digging through the dross

Charity shops, Car boots and Record fair bargains

7. The David Chesky Band – Razor

Rush Hour | Columbia | 1980

This bloke wears incredibly tight trousers… I figure that’s how he manages to hit those high notes on this high impact funky number. £1.

8. Harold Faltermeyer – Shoot Out

Axel F (The M & M Mix) 12” | MCA | 1984

Not on the soundtrack, but tucked away as a B-Side is this smashing little electro-pop track from the movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. Please excuse the audio screwing up towards the end… I missed the. Anyway just £1… “Get the f*ck outta here!”

9. George Kranz – Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)

Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz) | 4th & Broadway | 1983

Taken from the soundtrack to ‘Breakdance 2 – Electric Boogaloo’ is this cracking track that I challenge any 40+ bloke who was into Hip Hop back in the day to not go mental if they heard this played out. £1.

10. Juicy – ‎Beat Street Strut

Beat Street Strut | Atlantic | 1984

Continuing the Breakdance-themed soundtracks, here’s a lovely synth-funk track taken from the film Beat Street. You know I loves it. £1.

Digging through the net

mp3 selection

11. Tall Black Guy – Funeral Biz

8 Miles To Moenart | First World Records | 2013

Very nice debut LP from the Tall Black Guy. This track is nice and mellow… it’s getting late.

12. Terem – Moments in Love

Emotion is the key | 2013

I love this beat tape from French producer Terem. It’s a free download so grab it now (link above).

13. Andras Fox – Driftwood

Vibrate On Silent | Mexican Summer | 2014

I’ve recently discovered the delights of more ambient / balearic music and this release just does it for me. It’s lo-fi and soulful in a sort of house vibe too… and it has pan-pipe effects… it shouldn’t work for me, but it does… I love the whole release!