Digging in the pockets

So good I paid full price!

1. Carl Hudson – Sea Snake

Zoo-ology for Martians | Digisoul | 2013

Very nice debut album from this jazz-funk keyboard player.

2. Resolution 88 – Broken Beat (Smoking Feet) 1

Resolution 88 | Synthethesia Records | 2014

Heavily inspired by Headhunters-era Herbie Hancock, this debut album by Resolution 88 is absolutely quality throughout. Essential.

3. Moonchild – All the Joy

Please Rewind | 2014

I heard this band on Gilles Peterson last year and had one of those “where have you been all my life” moments. A stunning second album full of laid back jazzy, soulful tunes… and the first one is worth checking just as much.

4. Flame Griller – Wants

II | 2015

Release of the month

After a break for a few years the Grillers are back with a second album that (dare I say it) surpasses the first. If you grabbed the free EP earlier this year that featured 4 tracks from the album, there are another 16 to get your teeth into and not one of them disappoint. Five of the tracks utilise live instruments played by members of the Tough Crowd band which for me hold this whole release together as a consistent pillar of sound. The other tracks use a whole host of producers including the MC’s themselves but the style remains surprisingly steady with the release having an overall jazzy feel.

The lyrics are incredibly well crafted and ExP’s verse on this track ‘Wants’ is a great example where he sums up his whole life from sperm to present day through his desires.

Check the album, the CD is only £5! There’s an edited vinyl edition out later this year. Essential.

Digging in the crates

Rediscovering some gems

5. Clara Hill – For Your Love

Restless Times | Sonar Kollektiv | 2004

Very nice cover of the Pete Brown original, with production by the Jazzanova guys so you know it’s worth checking!

6. Simple Sacrifice – 2000Black

A Next Set A Rockers | 2000 Black | 2008

LOVELY bit of broken beat-soul here from a very strong LP by 2000Black which are Dego and Kaidi Tatham… not to be missed.

7. N.W.A. – Approach to Danger

Efil4zaggin | Ruthless Records | 1991

Their 2nd LP may not have had Ice Cube on it, but that didn’t stop it being an absolute banger! This track being a particular highlight with the sinister Lalo Schifrin sample.

8. N.W.A. – If it aint Ruff

Straight Outta Compton | Ruthless Records | 1998

This LP was the soundtrack to the Summer when it came out… for me though after all these years there’s only about 50% tracks I can still listen to… but most of them still better than the current crap Dre is putting out… pffft!

Digging through the dirt

Charity shops, Car boots and Record fair bargains

9. Smackee – Rock with you

Seconds Out LP

I picked this up in a charity shop a few weeks back purely on the off chance that this Michael Jackson cover might be worth it, and it doesn’t disappoint! It has that charming ‘working mens club’ feel to it that I love. It’s not listed on Discogs so I must get round to putting it on there and YouTube. 50p.

10. Bell & James – Livin’ It Up (Friday Night)

Bell & James | A&M | 1978

These two were writers for Philadelphia International Records before recording their own material. They were also in a band called Special Blend, which I like to say as “Special Bell End”… because I’m a twat. Anyway, it’s a nice Disco Groover for £1.

11. Geoff Love’s Big Disco Sound – Space Patrol

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind And Other Disco Galactic Themes | Music for Pleasure | 1978

Boo bi di di bip! Smashing little Space-disco stomper from the Lovely Geoff. £1 from a charity shop.

Digging through the net

mp3 selection

12. Opolopo – Glide

Voltage Controlled Feelings | Tokyo Dawn Records | 2010

This guy is AMAZING on the keys. YouTube him and you’ll see. He does have a weird beard though but I won’t hold that against him. This electro-funk MONSTER will see you right.

13. Obsidian Blue – Lonely

Beautiful Things EP | 2013

Free EP of lovely mellow jazzy instrumental hip hop.

14. Tempelhof & Gigi Masin – Joe Jordan

Hoshi | Hell Yeah Recordings | 2014

Italian duo Templehof teamed up with ambient ledge Gigi Masin to record this wonderful LP. It’s a cracker throughout. Worth checking.