Digging in the pockets

New records worth shelling out for

1. Whirlwind D – Battle Tip 2015

B-Line Business 7″ | Tru Tone Records | 2015

Originally created as a submission for the Ageing B-Boys Unite! volume 2 compilation by Waxer, this remix was liked so much by Whirlwind D he just had to have it on his latest release.

2. Neighbourhood Threat – Creepin Up on the Downlow

Neighbourhood Threat 12″ | Fat Hop | 2014

This was a crew that  most people knew nothing about. These tracks were recorded in 1992, with three of them originally pressed in very limited numbers on a white label and the other three existing only on cassette. You can read the full story here.

3. Tough Crowd – Forget Yesterday

Manners 7″ | Style Warrior Records | 2015

The debut release for this Bradford-based jazz hip hop outfit, and the second release on my own Style Warrior Records. It’s blummin’ brilliant by ‘eck!

4. Fabreeze Brothers – How To Cut & Paste (Lesson 1)

Fabreeze Brothers LP – AE Productions | 2015

The long awaited LP from the Fabreeze Brothers does not disappoint, trust me. The 2 x coloured wax LP comes with an extra 7″ and insert sheets all housed in a double-sided die-cut sleeve designed by Mr. Krum… and the tunes are all great.

Digging in the crates

Rediscovering some gems

5. Forss – Flickermood

Soulhack | Sonar Kollektiv | 2003

Wonky, glitchy, funky… this debut release from Forss built entirely from samples on his laptop is a real treat.

6. Jazzanova – Glow and Glare

In Between | Jazzanova compost records | 2002

Incredibly strong output from the German force that is Jazzanova on their debut (and my favourite) album. The whole LP is brilliant.

Digging through the dirt

Charity shops, Car boots and Record fair bargains

7. The Kane Gang – Brother Brother

Brother Brother 7″ | Kitchenware Records | 1983

Smashing bit of funk-synth-pop. £1.45 from Oxfam

8. Paul Hardcastle – Moonhopper

Don’t Waste My Time 12″ | Chrysalis | 1985

One of the best white-man-afros of the 80’s get’s busy on this electro-funk monster. £1 from a car boot.

9. Loose Ends – Hangin’ On A String (Contemplating)

So Where Are You? LP | Virgin | 1985

Excuse the crackles on here, but quite frankly nothing could harm such a sublime example of Brit-soul-funk. An essential purchase… especially at £1 thanks to the car booty.

Digging through the net

mp3 selection and an upcoming exclusive

10. Wildflower – Bubbles

Water EP | 2015

This guy is the producer for another band I’m a big fan of, Moonchild. Here is his debut EP… it’s only a couple of quid… dive in!

11. Spatts – Hip Hop Owes Me Money

Works of Friction LP | TCM Records | 2015

Due out later this year, Spatt’s LP is chock-a-block with guest MC’s from all over the shop. This track features many of them who appeared at his regular event of the same name in Milton Keynes.

12. Mark Barrott – Bush Society (edit)

Bush Society 12″ | International Feel Recordings | 2015

Absolutely lovely 2 track EP from Mark Barrott making great use of found sounds when he was living in South America. Hypnotic tribal ambient goodness.