A celebration of musical discovery

From a cookery show to a radio show… and this is just the beginning

The birth of an idea

Last year (2014) I was watching an episode of ‘The Great British Menu’ which for those of you who haven’t seen it, sees a bunch of professional chefs competing to have their dish served at a big bash in the series finale.

This years function was a celebration dinner for the D-Day veterans, so the chefs were asked the theme their dishes accordingly. One chef (who’s name escapes me) came up with a dish that paid respect to the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign that encouraged people to grow their own vegetables during the war as the country was in short supply due to conflict.

Hearing this phrase got my attention, and due to my T-Shirt and design background I immediately remembered the poster for this campaign and thought that an adaptation would be great.

Dig on for Victory

The poster I had in my mind was actually a slightly different take on the campaign which was ‘Dig on for Victory’, but nevertheless, I figured re-illustrating this image with a bloke carrying loads of records instead of vegetables would look great. Plus changing the allotment background to a car boot would be a winner!

Unfortunately I’ve not got around to doing it yet.

But the idea stayed with me, and in my head grew beyond a simple T-Shirt design.

The name ‘Digging for Victory’ lends itself to some sort of competitive activity, and my first thought was to organise a ‘challenge’ whereby two or more participants have a set budget, go out and ‘dig’, make a mix from their findings and one will be declared the ‘winner’. However, this concept seemed a bit too close to Pritt Kalsi’s excellent King of the Beats challenges to sit entirely comfortably with me so I slept on it.

Digging. Sharing. Giving.

So my revised concept would see the participating ‘digger’ go out with a set budget and grab as much good stuff as they could. Then they would construct a mix or compilation from their haul and share it with the world.

After a reasonable amount of exposure, they would auction off the entire selection, with all profits made going to a charity of their choice.

I need some diggers!!!

To get the ball rolling on this element, I’m looking for record collectors who have a pretty decent following, are prepared to spend a bit of time digging for some tracks, putting together a mix, sharing with your network and ultimately willing to see the fruit of your labour be auctioned off for a good cause.

Could that be you? 

If you’d like to have a go at doing this then get in touch with me and we can refine the idea. Perhaps you don’t go out and dig, but dig through your crates for stuff you no longer want or were planning to sell anyway? Maybe you’d like to just donate some records to the cause and we have a contributor-compilation? It really is a flexible concept that is meant to be fun for you, an opportunity for someone to get a good quality job-lot of tunes and all for a good cause.

Podcast and Merchandise

Each month we will be doing a 1hr podcast sharing musical discoveries and rediscoveries in all shapes and sizes. The shows may be aired live, but will certainly be made available via our mixcloud page. Each podcast will also be accessible directly from this site where there will also be photo’s and links of each release featured.

Also planned for the near future will be a series of T-Shirts dedicated to the activity of digging for records, with the aim of all profits going to charity.