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It occurred to me this evening that I haven’t mentioned DIG mag on here yet. That’s how slack I am… or perhaps how much I value ‘website’ content as opposed to social media channels, which is, let’s be honest, where it’s all at these days.

Anyway, in the event of you reading this and haven’t heard of this project of mine… here goes.

DIG is a 24 page mini-magazine that celebrates the musical discoveries by those who like to get their fingers dusty. The CD-sized publication invites a dozen or so likeminded ‘diggers’ to each submit a treasured track they feel needs shouting about backed up with a few words on why they dig it.

Contributors range from the well-known to the not-so-well-known, and the submissions are most likely ranging from the not-so-well-known to the never-heard-this-before!

Despite the size format, the magazine doesn’t come with a CD, but rather a mixcloud show that compliments the contents of the mag, so you can listen while you read. Also, each issue comes in a rather nifty stickered sleeve replicating a record crate.

Price is just £3.50 plus postage per issue.

At the moment a new issue is planned every three months, with issue 3 due to ship in January 2019 (pre-orders will go live in November). The modest run of 100 for issue 1 sold out overnight, and a prompt reprint of an extra 200 went within the week! A second reprint was made available when issue 2 came out, and all of those have sold out too… so it’s fair to say that this seems to be going down well.

If you’d like to find out when the new issue comes out please subscribe to the mailing list at:

And if you’d like to submit a track for inclusion in a future issue please visit: |