Here’s the second part to Septembers show:

Hummingbird – Snake Snack
Bell Telephunk – Love Vibrations
Empty Pocketz – Who Got The Mottz
Harriet Brown – Cryptid
Public Enemy – How To Kill A Radio Consultant (The DJ Chuck Chillout Mega Murder Boom)
Raw Soul Express – The Way we live
Stepasaur – Words
Federation – Hold On
Punishing Negative Minds – Common Reminder
Raquel Rodriguez – Don’t Be Afraid
Carpet face – LOOKING OUT FOR THE WORLD (Young Einstein beat)
Rhythm Heritage – Gotcha
Tania Maria – Funky Tamborim
Hearts of Darkness – A Taste of Venom
George Duke – Foosh
The Eric Delaney Band – Big Noise from Winnetka
Donqui Shot – Bitte, bitte! (Original) (Instrumental)
Pablo – The Story Of Sampling
Stay Classy – JJ V
Klim Beats – Unidentified
Moonchild – Show the way
Soulpersona – Momentum
BigLikeBaz – Bruh
Last Jazz Club – Freestyle Controversy (Instrumental)
Mongrels – HE WALKS BAREFOOT (feat. Sebash)
MC G.E.L.S. – NYC Jazz – Prod. Sandpeople
Aver – Ruhe In Frieden Mein Freund
MG Gost – hand me the crown
Groove Collective – Floating
Hector Pimmer – Let’s stay
Hampshire and Foat – The Solar Winds (and Cadenza)
Massive Attack – (Exchange)
Dam Funk – Mirrors
Dam Funk – We Continue
Garrett – Slow Motion (plus Stepasaur – I wish I Never Heard Hip Hop)

Dig in!!!