I tend to discover music through one of a few different ways – Either I follow an artist and have received a notification through their social media channels, buying blind in a charity shop / car boot sale / record fair or listening to radio shows… which I do quite a lot.

I’d like to share with you the shows that I listen to on a regular basis… with each one providing a new artist worth following almost every time! While the bulk of them are heavily based around hip hop, there are a few in there that move into other genres.

A Up is a monthly video / audio show put together by ExP and joined by JND and Schnoots. The focus is primarily independent hip hop but also features a bit a jazz as well.
*****NOTE***** Since switching to a video format, the show has struggled to fight copyright issues on YouTube and Vimeo so had it’s final show in May 2016. The audio versions of the show can still be heard on their mixcloud page, and finger’s crossed the show will return some time in the future.

Dan Digs hosts a weekly show from California specialising in the latest beats and electronic soul with the occasional live interview as well.

Disco Scratch is a live, weekly hip hop show hosted by Waxer. Unfortunately the show has become less frequent in recent times due to work commitments, but it’s always worth looking out for them when they happen as they never disappoint. The archives will throw up some brilliant interviews with UK Hip Hop legends… worth a dig!

Waxer also hosts an alternative show called Polystylism which concentrates on his non-hip hop musical selections.

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Podcast is a monthly show lovingly crafted by Repo 136. As the title suggests, the golden age of hip hop is represented to the fullest, but new releases will also feature if they continue the old school ethos… plus features like ‘roots of the roots’ and ‘the funk trunk’ switch up the pace nicely. Add to that just enough schoolboy humour and fart noises and you’ve got the winning combination.

The Pioneers Hip Hop Show is hosted by MC Whirlwind D and is broadcast live every month via Kane FM. While the bulk of the show will play content from the old school (usually to a specific theme) they also profile new releases every month as well as exclusive giveaways. The shows are archived via Mixcloud.

Strictly Business is broadcast live every month via Brighton’s Totally Radio and is hosted by BlackBeltJonez and Tyni. A pretty much equal mix of old and new music played with the odd guest interview here and there and again each show is archived via Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

Echo Base is a monthly show hosted and mixed by Mr. Brown and is affiliated with Dephect. Despite being around for some time I’m a relatively new listener but really like there track choices.

Grown Man Rap Show is a weekly show hosted by DJ Toast and DJ Paul Nice who have a lot of experience in the hip hop music / radio industry. Their shows focus mainly on the old school with some interesting anecdotes thrown in for good measure.

Gilles Peterson Worldwide joins the musical dots every week for three hours via BBC 6 Music. Essential.

Speaking of Gilles, he has recently launched his own radio station worldwidefm which is excellent

Lefto hosts a weekly two hour show on Radio Brussels and is later archived on Mixcloud. The genres are pretty mixed here.

Soho Radio has a great roster of DJ’s in its schedule, but my particular favourites are DJ Deirdre, who play vinyl only funk, soul and jazz… and Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Radio which focuses more on the funky pop-rock side of things… both shows are very, very strong.

Hot Buttered Soul Music Archeology Show is a quick-fire weekly video show hosted by Chris and Brad… two vinyl addicts with a love of sheds and shed-shops.

Soul Searching is a monthly show hosted by Michael Rutten from Frankfurt who focuses on mostly new music with a strong leaning towards uptempo soul and jazz. Incredibly strong selections, a real tastemaker.

Diamond Soul XXXperience is a monthly show hosted by DJ Radu and pushes mostly new music from the Soul and Jazz genres but also mixes it up with plenty of remixes and good guest interviews.

Hero Records Radio Show is hosted by Paul ‘Manzo’ for Invader FM and plays a good mix of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop, as well as putting out their own releases via the Hero Records label.

DJ Jorun Bombay’s Funkbox Reload Show “play a mixture of funk, soul, roller boogie disco (the good kind), breaks & golden era hip hop in each show. This podcast is designed to sound like a radio show from the mid-late 80’s. We also add in a touch of comedy (i.e. Parody Commericals for products that don’t exist, Chopped and Spliced interviews, etc) and space echo for good measure.” A lot of effort goes into these shows that come out just a few times a year.

Wah Wah 45s has a monthly radio show hosted by Dom Servini and Scrimshire playing their favourite tunes at the moment plus new releases from the label.

The Pogo Pod is a YouTube show hosted by Nick Berkte aka Pogo. At the time of writing he has broadcast three shows and the mix definitely reflects the style of music he makes as ‘Pogo’.