I just grabbed the new 4 track EP from ‘Corduroy Industries’ called ‘Music to sell products by’ which is essentially Ben and Scott Addison from the original Corduroy band.

I’ve always liked the stuff that Corduroy put out, in particular their first 3 LP’s on Acid Jazz, and this new EP fits very nicely alongside their 2nd LP ‘High Havoc’.

All tracks have a strong retro soundtrack sound as you’d expect, mostly 60’s pop with my personal favourite being ‘Instant Bad Guy’ which takes a more dramatic turn and sounds like something Lalo Schifrin may have done for a Scooby-Doo episode.

Track listing:

1)    Test drive  (Addison/Addison)
2)    Kings Road Girl  (Addison/Addison)
3)    Scorpius unleashed  (Addison/Addison)
4)    Instant bad guy  (Addison/Addison)

More info here