Disco Scratch Digging4Victory Tribute Show 03.09.2015 by Discoscratch on Mixcloud

Disco Scratch head-honcho DJ Waxer has very kindly pulled together a special show dedicated to this site using nothing but vinyl picked up from two recent excursions. The first from a trip to Paris and the second from a local car boot sale. This is what he had to say about it:

Most of us go to boot sales, charity shops, garage sales in the vain hope we’ll get our mining gear out and extract some nuggets… which seems rarer & rarer these days!

I was at the booty weekend before last & I found some mush who apparently was selling records that his uncle had, who had passed away. I had to ask as there was a lot of Hip Hop in there… I left a lot of stuff in there that either was just too commercial or too obvious… also some stuff already had 2 copies of, however I was interested as to how a collection like this would end up at a booty which was how I found out about his uncle…

D4V entered my foggy mind & I thought hmmmmn, a tribute show! So this is where I’m at, I had a great time putting this together, EVERY track in this show is the actual vinyl I bought that day, not an MP3 in sight, so some of the wax is in worse condition that others so sorry if some of it’s not up to scratch!

Presented in true Disco Scratch Radio style, Waxer’s selection is broken up by some frank talk, sweary stings and even a frank message from his better half!