Looks like I picked to wrong week to stop digging


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It occurred to me this evening that I haven’t mentioned DIG mag on here yet. That’s how slack I am… or perhaps how much I value ‘website’ content as opposed to social media channels, which is, let’s be honest, where it’s all at these days.

Anyway, in the event of you reading this and haven’t heard of this project of mine… here goes.

DIG is a 24 page mini-magazine that celebrates the musical discoveries by those who like to get their fingers dusty. The CD-sized publication invites a dozen or so likeminded ‘diggers’ to each submit a treasured track they feel needs shouting about backed up with a few words on why they dig it.

Contributors range from the well-known to the not-so-well-known, and the submissions are most likely ranging from the not-so-well-known to the never-heard-this-before!

Despite the size format, the magazine doesn’t come with a CD, but rather a mixcloud show that compliments the contents of the mag, so you can listen while you read. Also, each issue comes in a rather nifty stickered sleeve replicating a record crate.

Price is just £3.50 plus postage per issue.

At the moment a new issue is planned every three months, with issue 3 due to ship in January 2019 (pre-orders will go live in November). The modest run of 100 for issue 1 sold out overnight, and a prompt reprint of an extra 200 went within the week! A second reprint was made available when issue 2 came out, and all of those have sold out too… so it’s fair to say that this seems to be going down well.

If you’d like to find out when the new issue comes out please subscribe to the mailing list at: www.tinyurl.com/digmag-news

And if you’d like to submit a track for inclusion in a future issue please visit: www.tinyurl.com/digmag-contribute

www.digmag.co.uk | www.instagram.com/dig_mag_

Digging 4 Victory 26 – October 2017

I’m still playing catch-up from the Summer so with limited time I trawled through my bookmarked tunes and present another 2hrs worth of great music! No time for mixing this month, and surprisingly a lot of new releases… in fact we have no ‘crates’ or ‘dirt’ selections this month (no time to record them, soz)… so expect more of that next month.

Shouts out to Disco Scratch Radio for the live stream.

Anyway, as ever… dig in and enjoy!


Hiroshi Satoh – Goodbye
Flamingosis – Bright Moments (Feat. The Kount)
Phil France – Joy of Brass (Mr. Scruff remix)
Jazz Chronicles – Serious feat Jack Jones
Wally Badarou – Fisherman Theme
A cat called fritz – Rock Outta Space
Terry Callier – Lazarus Man
Bastien Keb – Fit Rare ft Cappo
Clutchy Hopkins – Running Deers
Pat Williams – Tonight we swing
Jazz Spastiks & Mello Soul Black – Follow the leader
A. Rubik – take ones flight
Elliot Fresh & Fish – Biscuits
the colours that rise –  Voyager
Son of Sam – Put it on ya feat Soundsci
Split Decision Band – Shoot your world
DJ Manipulator – This Sound feat Blu
Insight & damu the fudgemunk (Y Society) – Never Off (On & On)
Jazz Spastiks – Vinyl (One Track Groove)
Boora – Another Day
Ded Tebiase – For Real Ft Kelz & Sir Beanz OBE
Herbaliser ft latryx – 8pt Agenda
dazzie dee – when a g meets a g stress
Ded Tebiase – All I Need Ft Parallax
Taggy Matcher – Cantaloupe island
Danny Wolfers – Scenic Highway System
Ruby Rushton – Trudi’s Mood
Jordan Rakei – Goodbyes
McBaisse – Paradis Du Cuir
Mishio Ogawa – BLUE

Bonus Show – Dig ‘n Mix 1

Yes, yes I know it’s October, NOT August… but this bonus mix is made up of a load of bits I bought whilst out and about on August Bank Holiday. I spent £19 in total and there were a few bits I didn’t include… some were sh*t and some just didn’t fit… and there was one CD in the pile which I left out because I was enjoying mucking about with my new PT01 Scratch (prepare for Eric B style cuts!). The CD aside (Onyx BTW… 50p!), I had 1 x LP, about 6 x 12”s and about 20 x 7”s which was a pretty decent haul for me. Nothing mega rare, but all up street… expect a mixture of Funk, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop.

One of my original ideas for the ‘Digging 4 Victory’ website was for people to take up the ‘challenge’ to do exactly what I did this day… take a budget (£20) and create a 1hr+ mix with what you dug up. I’ve been doing these mixcloud shows for over 2yrs now and this was the first time I actually returned home with enough for a whole show in one go!

I did think about including some audio of the mobile Butcher they always have at my local car boot. Who on earth buys meat from a van? In the Summer?! His audio set up and constant brummy banter is quite entertaining. In the end though I decided against it.

Anyway, there’s no chat… just the tunes… and some rather underwhelming scratching.

Dig in!

SWV – Right Here
The GAP Band – Outstanding (inst)
The GAP Band – Outstanding
Midrange – I got talent
Mary Jane Girls – All night long
The Cool Notes – Come on back to me (remix)
Eric B & Rakim – I know you got soul
Shara Nelson – Down that road
The Cool Notes – Natural Energy
Richie Riche – My DJ (pump it up some) Dope beats
New Edition – Pass the beat
Central Line – Don’t tell me
De La Soul – Me, Myself and I
Raydio – is this a love thing
Montana Sextet – Heavy Vibes (extended version)
The Whispers – Rock Steady
Yarborough & Peoples – You’re my song
Tome Browne – Thighs High (grip your hips and move)
David Bendeth – Feel the Real
Inner City – Good Life.aif
Class Action – Weekend B
Mary Jane Girls – Boys
808 State – Pacific B
Roy Ayers – Get on up, get on down
The Brothers Johnson – The real thing
Cerrone – Give me love
Eddie Daniels – Song for my son
Silver Bullet – 20 seconds to comply
Light of the world – Swingin’